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Satin Lipstick
Satin Lipstick
Satin Lipstick

Satin Lipstick

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Indulge in this sumptuous, color-rich formula, offering an ultra-comfortable texture and an elegant satin finish. Packed with long-lasting pigments, and enhanced with a luxurious blend of nourishing oils and butters, it pampers your lips, leaving them soft, velvety, and superbly hydrated.

  • Delivers stunning color and a rich, satin finish
  • Nourishes, comforts and hydrates lips
  • Easy and smooth application


 Beauty Tip:
Apply from the centre of your lip for ultimate coverage.

- - Free of/Formulated without: Alcohol, barley, oat, gluten, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs and corn. Spelt, wheat or rye. Prop 65 Compliant.
Vegan and Clean.