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Little Bit About Me . . .

Jenepher Reynolds has worked in the fashion, beauty, and cosmetics industries since 1997—from Toronto to Charlottetown with some stops in between. But, if you’d like to get technical, her love for all things fabulous goes back way to when she first fell in love with Vogue Magazine at age 12. 
"I would have put it in a blender and drank it if it meant I could take in all of the creativity, design and style.”
Having worked for top Canadian magazines Chatelaine, Flare & Canadian Living (to name a few) and on such celebrities as Norah Jones, Wayne Gretzky and Harry Connick Jr., Jenepher’s resume is impressive AF. And it doesn’t stop there. When she grew tired and frustrated with the mark-up on make-up, she did something About it, and launched her own line of cosmetics.
Jenepher loves what she does, and it shows. 
Learn more about her 1:1 services or get colour matched (yes she can do that) and shop from the comfort of your home.
Let’s Make-U-p!